Helping Children with Cancer and Other Chronic Blood Diseases

Sabriya's Photo

On February 12, 1992, Sabriya's family received the type of news that no family wants, expects or ever deserves. Without any warning or prior illness their beautiful and gifted 17 year old daughter, Sabriya Ihsan Bakewell, was diagnosed with leukemia. Just 77 days later, on April 28, 1992 this bright and shining star, like thousands of other children throughout the country, lost her fight and passed on.



During her hospitalization, Sabriya’s family quickly realized there was no happiness, comfort or joy other than through their efforts or the television set.  After Sabriya passed, the family directed their grief toward helping other ill children and their families.



Sabriya's Castle of Fun Foundation was created in honor of Sabriya’s life and fun spirit.  She loved life and respected all people.  Sabriya was outgoing, athletic, and extremely motivated.  She was a true inspiration to all who knew her.


Now, thanks to the Sabriya’s Castle of Fun™ Foundation and their innovative program of "Fun Therapy" thousands of children and their families have the gift of love, laughter, and fun to support them and make their lives better.

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